Newsletter and Secretary's Annual Report

We publish a newsletter usually four times a year. It contains reports of what has happened since the last issue as well as what will happen in the future — weekly club evening callers, Saturday Dances and Workshops. See elsewhere on this website for more information on these events.

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Previous Editions

Issue 54 – February 2016
Issue 53 – September 2015
Issue 52 – March 2015
Issue 51 – September 2014
Issue 50 – April 2014
Issue 49 – January 2014
Issue 48 – August 2013
Issue 47 – March 2013
Issue 46 – January 2013
Issue 45 – July 2012
Issue 44 – March 2012
Issue 43 – November 2011
Issue 42 – July 2011

Annual Report

Our secretary, Ces Mills always keeps meticulous records of the club's activities and presents them at the AGM. It has been decided to make these available here for you to download and read or keep. You can access the latest report, detailing our activities in 2015 & 2016 by clicking here